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“Time is on the side of the masses, and nothing can permanently frustrate their ultimate fulfillment.”                                                                                                                                               ...Kwame Nkrumah
KNOW THE ENEMY: Place a newborn infant in a cave with wolves. She will howl like a wolf, walk on all fours like a wolf and eat like a wolf (raw meat!). Humans are social beings. They learn most everything from their environments. And what is primary in the environment? What do humans require in order to survive? Food, clothing, shelter. It is the economic system, the arrangement of humans in a group for the production and distribution of goods and services that is fundamental to our survival. It is the economic system that is primarily responsible for prevalent ideas in a society. If there are unfair ideas, then the economic system is an unfair one, one that allows owners (1% of the population) to own, but not to work; workers to work, but not to own. For in such an arrangement, the owner will become convinced that “He must be the greatest!” And he will push his self- touting, self-aggrandizing value system to us all. Today’s global capitalism (in all of its forms) is just such an unfair, anti-human economic system. Once such a system “takes root,” all kinds of confused, unfair ideas are born. We may begin to believe that--due to hundreds of years of exploitation and oppression at the hands of a ruling class that is dominated by Europeans--white people are innately evil and are our principal enemy (i.e. white supremacy). We may begin to believe that certain ideologies and belief systems are the principal cause of our problems (e.g. religious ideas). We may begin to view men-the immediate source of emotional, psychological and physical abuse for so many women-as th enemy. We may think that NOT pooling together or money, no matter for what purpose the money will be used, is the principal problem our people experience. And, we might even begin to believe that it is the fault of the puppets of capitalists-those leaders who look like you and me-who are our true, principal enemies. We, in the Pan-African Revolutionary Socialist Party (PRSP), believe that while African people suffer form many horrible effects of capitalism, these are symptoms of the disease, the results of living in a global capitalist world. There is only ONE principal enemy and it is the enemy of all poor and working class people-capitalism in all of its global forms. This is why we say: “IT’S NOT THE MAN; IT’S THE PLAN-THE ECONOMIC PLAN.”
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