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Why Pan-Africanism? Worldwide socialism will ultimately help cure the problems experienced by people around the world as a result of capitalism’s negative impact. However, for African people, the quickest cure is Pan- Africanism. Instead of waiting years and years for institutions to be changed to guarantee fairness to all no matter what their skin color, Pan-Africanism will give African people the much needed “jump start” toward full equality and justice. In many locations of the world, African people make up only a small fraction of the population. In the U.S., that fraction is 13.5%. Being such a small number of people living on someone else’s land, African people in the U.S, can only come to the bargaining table as beggars, dependent on the kindness and fairness of others. No people have ever managed to free themselves when their land has been controlled and exploited by another people. Fortunately, despite hundreds of years of eploitation, Africa is still the wealthiest land base on the face of the earth. Power comes from the wealth that is produced by that land, for no people can achieve equality by begging for it. Wealth gives one the power to demand fair treatment, fair prices for goods and services which all translates into respect and, finally, liberation (i.e., Land=Wealth=Power=Respect+liberation). With a united, socialist Africa, African people will be able to stand on their own feet, with their own wealth solidly behind them; African people will be able to demand justice as well as to trade on an equal footing; and African people will have a new image; one of a powerful, beautiful people wherever they happen to live in the world. Before China closed its doors and freed itself from western imperialism, a popular saying existed throughout the west, particularly in the U.S.: “You don’t stand a Chinaman’s chance in hell of doing… [something].” The Chinese people’s condition throughout the world was so “lowly” that they were called “niggers.” Today, Chinese are thought of as very intelligent people. It doesn’t mater whether she ever opens her mouth. When a Chinese person walks into a room, you don’t even know whether he is a third generation Chinese who speaks only English or someone who has just come from China. It does not matter. The image of the Chinese has evolved along with the evolution of the land base, China. Sisters and brothers, at home and abroad, let us stand up and be counted as a part of the African Revoution to defeat global capitalism and build Pan-Africanism. Join a Pan-African, Revolutionary, Socialist organization today. Forwards ever, Backwards never!