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The overthrow of capitalism by the masses led by the armed working class will bring into existence the people’s state. The state is an administrative organ developed by the new ruling class, the workers. The people’s state uses administrative instruments- political, economic and social to insure that all adhere to the goals, values & objectives upon which the socialist society is based. There also is a workers’ armed force that crush any and all forms of resistance generated by all who work against the establishment of the people’s state. Life in a socialist society is based on true democracy where the masses, through active participation in all phases of life, decide how to move forward. The workers, collectively and democratically, decide what and how to produce and distribute the profits their labor generates based on the maxim “from each accoding to their ability to each according to their work.” Now the workers (the majority) become the oppressors over the former capitalist ruling class (the minority) who constantly seek to regain power. The workers armed ideologically and physically begin the challenge of maintaining a people’s democracy while crushing all attempts by the minority oppressed class to spread confusion and return to power.