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An ideology is a coherent and systematic body of ideas, beliefs, and principles that attempt to explain and legitimize a desired political and socio-economic order. An ideology is derived from and defined by a particular people’s history and culture. African people must have an ideology which is derived from their unique history and culture. The ideology of the PRSP is Nkrumaism. Nkrumaism is an ideology that emerges from the history and culture of African people. It takes its name from the consistent, revolutionary, socialist and Pan-African principles and practices implemented and espoused by Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. It is an ideology that seeks to liberate and unify Africa under scientific socialism and to emancipate African people throughout the world. Nkrumah examined our history and culture and noted that African people have had three major experiences in our development - traditional African, Islamic and Euro- Christian. He argued that we must extract from these experiences the positive elements and use them in building a liberated, unified socialist Africa.