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“Time is on the side of the masses, and nothing can permanently frustrate their ultimate fulfillment.”                                                                                                                                               ...Kwame Nkrumah
The Pan-African Revolutionary Socialist Party (PRSP) welcomes you to our website. The purpose of this site is to introduce you to our party and to encourage you to join us, or some other revolutionary party, and become a more active force in the process of developing a more just world.
What was the Universal Negro  Improvement Association (U.N.I.A.)?  Enraged at the suffering of his people, on July 14, 1914, Marcus Garvey and a young Jamaican activist, Amy Ashwood, organized the Universal Negro Improvement Association – African communities League (UNIA-ACL).  The UNIA was designed to rebuild a positive social, cultural, psychological, and political life for African people around the world.  The ACL was created to establish economic stability and independence in the African communities of the world.  Amy Ashwood writes: “Our love for Africa and our concern for the welfare of our race urged us on to immediate action.”  The UNIA-ACL saw land as key to the liberation of an oppressed people and for the organization, the only rightful land base that belonged to African people was Africa. Garvey wrote, “We are determined to solve our own problems by redeeming our Motherland Africa from the hands of alien exploiters and found therein a government, nation of our own, strong enough to lend protection to the members of our race scattered all over the world and to compel the respect of the nations and races of the earth.”  And thus began the effort of the UNIA-ACL to organize for liberation under the leadership of Marcus Garvey.  The organization established the Negro World newspaper which was read globally and even smuggled into the apartheid state of South Africa. There were the Black Legionnaires who were the UNIA’s army in training. There was also a medical corps, all women, called the Black Cross Nurses.  The UNIA had members throughout the world numbering in the millions.  By the mid-1920s there were over 1100 UNIA branches in more than 40 countries throughout the Caribbean, Europe, South America, North America, and Africa.  Included in the group were Elijah Muhammed, who would later become the leader of the Nation of Islam, and the parents of Malcolm X.  Clearly, the UNIA-ACL posed a major threat to the ruling class of the time.  The UNIA was organizing and mobilizing a labor force that was being exploited by the capitalist ruling class worldwide.  In addition, the organization sought to reclaim Africa as the land base for the liberation of African people.  Africa, of course, was and still is the richest land mass and is still being exploited by global capitalist forces.  It was because Firestone Rubber Corporation was raping Liberia of its rubber that demanded the U.S. government do something about Garvey.  From the capitalists’ point of view, the Garvey movement had to be stopped.    Who are Africans on the Move (AOM)?  AOM is a non-profit, community organization comprised of African people born throughout the world.  Its chief goal is to provide African people with educational information and cultural events that push forward the struggle for liberation.    For more information, call (414) 324-8144. LETTER TO SUPPORTERS OF GARVEYFEST  Greetings Friends and Family of Africans on the Move: Africans on the Move (AOM) would like to thank you for your twenty-eight year support of Garveyfest in the city of Milwaukee. We understand that Garveyfest holds a special place in the hearts of many of you, which is why it comes with great sadness that we have chosen to cancel Garveyfest this year.  Your brother and comrade, Ahmed Mbalia, is not well. Over these 28 years, Africans on the Move has worked hard to bring the message of the Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League ("Africa for the Africans, those at home and those abroad") and the message of the Pan-African Revolutionary Socialist Party (the liberation and unification of Africa under socialism) to the city of Milwaukee, the nation and the world.  Baba Mbalia is a major part of our people power, both physically and ideologically. His inability to contribute this year, coupled with the emotional toll his illness is and has taken on the both AOM and PRSP, has forced us to cancel Garveyfest this year. We WILL be back next year!  Meanwhile, please join us for Watoto Uhuru Shule (Children's Freedom School) every other Sunday starting late September 2017 through June 2018. More details will be forthcoming.  Again, we thank you and appreciate your continued support. We could never have been successful in sponsoring Garveyfest over all of these years without you.  Please continue to struggle for Pan-Africanism--the only solution that will bring about the quickest permanent liberation of all people of African descent, no matter where they happen to be born or live in the world.   Forward ever, backward never, Africans on the Move (AOM) Pan-African Revolutionary Socialist Party (PRSP)